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genius hour 8

06/12/2013 10:25
We had a disscusion about genius hour and we got the deadline date for it. I finally got my happy wheels running it turned out the username was your email and not the username. I went and made some levels like arrow run but that did not work out. So I tried and abstcal course but did not know how...
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Genius hour 7

29/11/2013 10:08
I was thinking of making some levels for my game on happy wheels so i signed up for an account. After trying and trying I finally made an account but then it would not login to the site. So after trying and trying I found out that I could not login I think the site was being fixed because an error...
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proposel 2

29/11/2013 09:34
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Photoshop Final Project

28/11/2013 09:33
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Genius hour 6

22/11/2013 10:29
I have decided to let go of my partner and do the genius hour myself. Alone I have a site where I can make games levels on happy wheels a poplur game which lets others add onto it. I have looked at some kind of levels I can do. I have decided to do a abostal course in the game.I Started to make a...
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Genius hour 5

21/11/2013 09:34
We finnaly have chosen to do roblox and make a game on that. We have started to look at how to make diffrent kind of games ont it and we found many diffrent types. We think we can do something like a warzone thing in the achient times so we will try that. I already have got an account and have been...
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Genius hour 4

21/11/2013 09:26
I have chosen to not do the how to be happy project because I want to do something realated to infotech. So after searching and think about it I came up with many ideas. Mostly to do with games and buildings. So me and muy partner had to chose from building a building in minecraft or make a game in...
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Photoshop Lesson 5

13/11/2013 10:27
In this lesson In the first picture I had to change each of the pictures using the filter option above. In the second picture I made some clouds and had it look like the sun was there as well using the lens flare. in the third  picture I made it look like there was a storm in the clouds at...
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Drawing Shapes Photoshop

05/11/2013 10:35
I learned how to connect dots to dot in the first picture I used the brush tool using free hand to connect the dots and in the second pic I used the brush tool as well but using shift I was able to get stright lines but still had to use the free hand for the angles.  
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genius Hour 3

01/11/2013 10:29
Today I went and looked for reasons why people arn't happy because to know what makes people happy we needed to know what does not make people happy. Then I went and looked at what makes people happy. Then I went and made a list of reasons why people are happy and a list of reasons why people arn't...
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