Final project blog

16/01/2014 10:40
My best work was this my worst work was that 1.       Photoshop: In Photoshop my best work was the Photoshop final project because that tested how much we really knew about Photoshop, and what we really learned about it. In Photoshop my worst work was Photoshop lesson...
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About Trello

13/01/2014 09:53
Trello is something that lets you organize your day to day work with lifelong goals. It is also good if you want to hang out with your friends and you know hang out. Trello for genius hour would be a good idea because Trello lets you organize every thing you want to do and everything to want to get...
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My Student led Confrence

10/10/2013 10:37
This is me Preparing My Student Led Confrence ACCOMPLISHMENTS 1. I made a real looking photo in photoshop 2.  I made a fakebook on jawid Karim 3. I made a cool loking prezi on techology STRENGTHS 1. I am a fast typer 2. I Learn things fast 3. I have had experience with some of the things we...
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Cameras live feeds on the net

24/09/2013 10:26
Live feeds on the internet is a fun little tool where you can see picturs of everyday life in diffrent places and even see their video. but I dont think that this is good, this tool should only be used for the ploice and other stuff like that. I dont think that this should be private to just anyone...
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My opion on pinterest

24/09/2013 10:07
I think is a fun site. It gives you the freedom to see what you want to see and also see what other people like to see. It is a site filled with pictures and little words witch I liked. I also like that pinterest has a photo of almost anything and everything you want to...
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My thoughts on automated stuff

20/09/2013 10:09
I think that it is good that we are getting new technology that can do stuff for you without you even haveing to turn it on. This makes life very easy . I like that you can control all the automated machines using your phone and just by one click of a botton. But the thing that may not do welll is...
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My Thoughts On Copyright

11/09/2013 10:17
What I think about copyring is that it should not be leagal at all but so many people do it that other people think it is leagal. I think the musicans, movie stars, etc should get paid for their work and the time and effort they spent on it, But again people do it so much that it is hard for...
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11/09/2013 09:40
What I want to learn in infrotech 10 is how to use the internet and how to use the many diffrent programs it offeres.I want to know how to use the internet to help me study better and how to use it to help me with my work. I also want to learn how to make a website as well i want to learn how to...
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