Genius Hour

Genius hour celebration

10/01/2014 09:30
My thoughts about our celebration of learning was that it went good and it felt good when we showed what we learned to others. I liked it because we showed our learning about what we learned about. It kinda helped me but it was on and  off all the time people would come and then go and come...
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Final genius hour

07/01/2014 10:04
If I could have more reasources to work with like books and dvd's I would have got more info down. I chose this topic because it wasn't only about one thing, but instead it was about many diffrent things. I learned alot about how electricity is made and how we could use diffrent formes of it and...
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Genius hour 14

06/01/2014 09:54
Today for genius hour we were done our prezis and we did alot of them so we asked what we could do. the teacher gave us some questions to answer about our project so we did. First my partner answered the questions then I did. We both took time in thinking about the answer because we wanted to give...
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Genius hour 13

19/12/2013 10:04
Today for genius hour I looked at how 3-d printers work and what they use to make thisngs. I learned that you make alot things by 3-d printers from toys to building. I learned they use two different kinds of plastic. I also put up a video from youtube explaning how a 3-D printer works and how to us...
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genius hour 12

18/12/2013 10:09
Today for genius hour I looked at how a PCB is made and what it is. I learned that you could have a single-sided PCb or a double-sided or multi-sided PCB's. First I went to wikipedia then to another site to get the information on PCB's. I did the rought draft on a piece of paper than did the good...
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genius hour 11

17/12/2013 10:18
Today for genius hour I wrote about hydo electricity and what are the pros and cons for it. First I wrote on a peace of paper then did the good copy on the prezi. I learned about the hover dam and how water is stored in dams. I also learned what are the negative effects by dams and what are the...
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genius hour 10

16/12/2013 09:30
Today fo genius hour I noticed that my genius hour was not that good so I went got into another genius hour. I went back to my old partner and worked on his genius hour. I went and wrote about Wind power and got that part of the genius hour done. I learned alot of things by this for example I...
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genius hour 9

13/12/2013 10:31
For genius hour I made a happy wheels level and made other people in the class test it. They liked it but I was told that it was only drag and drop and that I would not learn much from it. So I am gonna do a comparasion between two gameing sites. Happy wheels and Spolder In Happy wheels  you...
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genius hour 8

06/12/2013 10:25
We had a disscusion about genius hour and we got the deadline date for it. I finally got my happy wheels running it turned out the username was your email and not the username. I went and made some levels like arrow run but that did not work out. So I tried and abstcal course but did not know how...
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Genius hour 7

29/11/2013 10:08
I was thinking of making some levels for my game on happy wheels so i signed up for an account. After trying and trying I finally made an account but then it would not login to the site. So after trying and trying I found out that I could not login I think the site was being fixed because an error...
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