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Photoshop lesson 4

29/10/2013 10:26
I this lesson I made many changesrs to the pictures. In the first pic of the leaf on the ground I had to turn it black and white then back in color which it could not go into but still looked pretty good. In the second pic of the monument I made the back wall look more red at the statue look more...
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Photoshop B2 lesson 3

28/10/2013 09:33
In this lesson I learned three things how to heal, how to stamp,and how to patch an area in a picture.In the duck picture i had to remove the duck so I did using the stamp tool witch was easy to use.Then I had to heal the acne on a persons face using the healing tool witch i liked the best. then I...
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24/10/2013 10:33
My project is on HOW TO BE HAPPY!!! My brother will work on this with me. The audience is well everyone that is not happy. This project is worthwhile because this world is full of people who are not happy.\ I will have a presentation by the end of the year on being happy. There will be no expences...
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Genius hour 2

24/10/2013 10:28
Today was a really hard day because I found out that I did not want to make a game but the hard part came next when I had to think of something to do so I did. First I looked at ending world poverty but I did not know how to approch the problem. later I looked at how to design a hover car but that...
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Photoshop Lesson 2

23/10/2013 10:18
I had to do 3 diffrent things in this lesson the first 2 were connect the dots. For the first one I connected the dots using the brush tool and I freehanded it, For the seconmd dot to dot i still used the brush tool but used with it also the shift botton but on the angles still had to freehand it....
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Photo shop collage

22/10/2013 10:15
I made a collage in photo shop which I found intresting. I used many tools for this but had the most trouble with the feather tool. I liked most the eraser tool because i could use it easily and well it was simple to use.
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photoshop pic in a word

21/10/2013 10:25
There is a word the word is sword and I put a diffrent picture of diffrent swords into each letter so there are a total of 5 pics and 5 letters. Using photoshop was fun and I got it done very fast at first it was hard but once I got the hang of it it was easy. we used the fx tule and that made the...
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genius hour First day

18/10/2013 10:30
I found out what I wanted to do , i wanted to make a video game but I did not know how to. So I went and looked at diffrent things to create a game. First I went to flash and looked at how to's but found that to hard so I went to other sites like unity and havok. But found out I could not do the 30...
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photoshop 2 with face

16/10/2013 10:15
I changed the face of spiderman by makeing all the sides look the same. I had trouble in the begining because I did not merge down, but later I got it and I was able to change the face. This was fun for me.
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photoshop flower

16/10/2013 10:05
i flipped the flower so that it would look the same on all sides. i likeddoing this because it was easy to understand and easy to do.
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