Photoshop lesson 4

29/10/2013 10:26

I this lesson I made many changesrs to the pictures. In the first pic of the leaf on the ground I had to turn it black and white then back in color which it could not go into but still looked pretty good. In the second pic of the monument I made the back wall look more red at the statue look more new as well using the color balance tool. Then I made the erin pic look more natural by using the brightness/ color balance. Then on th enext pic of the flowers I made the flowers the only colored thing in the picture. Then on the next pic of the leaves I replaced the color of the leavers to a more green like color. then on the katelyn I did Hue saturation to change the color of th epicture. Then for the last pic Of the recolour I made it have some color using the same tool for Katelyn and using color replacement as well as color balancing to make it look more natural.