Final project blog

16/01/2014 10:40

My best work was this my worst work was that

1.       Photoshop:

In Photoshop my best work was the Photoshop final project because that tested how much we really knew about Photoshop, and what we really learned about it.

In Photoshop my worst work was Photoshop lesson 4 because I felt like I could have done better in it and you know make it look better compared to my other Photoshop work.

2.       Scratch or flash:

For flash my best work was Flash cs6 part 2 because I understood what I had to do and how to do it and I got that done very quickly because of that.

For flash my worst work was Flash cs6 part 3 because I had to do coding and I learned how to do it but I had some problems with coding because I had something not typed right, but I learned from my mistake.





3.       Avatars:

My best avatar was the illustration maker one because I found out that that one has more options that the other ones and you can add sport gear like tennis which I play.

My worst avatar was the planet creation one because that one made a very basic image of me and did not give many options to make a better avatar.




4. Document sharing:

My best Document sharing was MeetingWords because I could explore the site easyly and could work with someone else at the same time plus it was easy to use.

My worst Document sharing was TitanPad because it was the same as meeting words but it was harder to explor and learn how to use it plus it was confussing.



5. Slideshow:

My best slideshow was Prezi becuase I used it before and knew how to use it plus it had more options than the other sites for Slideshows for example more color options.

My worst slideshow was the slidespeech because it was hard to use and the only good option was the voice which itself was not that great and learning how to use it was hard.


6. Genius hour:

My best Genius hour was the how to make electricity because we worked on it the most and worote on it the most compared to the other prezis we did for Genius hour.

My worst genius hour was the makeing HappyWheels levels because I did not learn much because it was just drag and drop plus it was not good learning that I could use in life.