About Trello

13/01/2014 09:53

Trello is something that lets you organize your day to day work with lifelong goals. It is also good if you want to hang out with your friends and you know hang out. Trello for genius hour would be a good idea because Trello lets you organize every thing you want to do and everything to want to get done. I think if we use Trello for genius hour or any other kind of project it will help us to better know what we want to do because it organises your project and you tell it what you want to do on what date and if your done it or not.

In advanced you can learn the advanced setings, and in what i want to do you can write about what you want to do, make a morning workout list, you can also add a list of what you want to do, their is also a search option, you can even add your list by makeing a card, you can look at your cheaklists, if you need help their is a help bar, and if your a beginner their is a basic and intermediate bars to help you.